The Samsung sheep

Here we go again, that time of the year when all our favourite tech companies grit their teeth and hope that apple just releases another mediocre, product that will be adored by the masses, but harshly judged by the critics.

And to be honest, im usually one of those critics, but of late i’ve seen an alarming trend start to grow, and im ever so slowly, feeling like im becoming one of the sheep.
One of those technology followers, that believes everything he see’s in an advertisement

So let me establish a background on me, before i jump into my opinions on what is going on in the world of smartphones. I am currently typing this off my Samsung Galaxy S4, i have been a galaxy user since the S2, i am a heavy phone user and think my device is about a 7 out of 10.

So clearing that up lets delve straight into it.
ok ok ok, lets jump on the bandwagon first off samsung and now just about every smartphone and tablet manufacturer is trying to take a shot at apple.
And yes before we say “oh no poor apple” we must remember apple did a similar campaign with “Hi Im a Mac”.

Just by looking at the numbers, its pretty safe to say, Samsung have been the only ones to successfully run a smear campaign, in 2012 alone they spent $403 million on marketing their smartphone range, with most of the add’s making fun of apple’s sheep like followers.
But now in late 2013, after all that marketing has been forced down your throat, who’s the sheep ? Did i really upgrade my phone so my movie pauses when i look away from the screen ? REALLY !, Samsung has now become the followed, the phone people say is better than yours.


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